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The Kashmir Conundrum

From the Blog firewithin-jhb Time to come out of silence and add to the confusion of the Kashmir Conundrum. How does Pakistan view the changed status and what can it do about it? How do the Indians, largest democracy on earth, view it? First and foremost, what's happened in Kashmir is not on account of any deliberate policy implemented by any political party, so to go forward we need to stop scoring political points at home and thus focus on the issue rather than waste time in dramatic rhetoric. Second, is the philosophy of the new buzz word; 'there is no military solution'. Tell this to the Taliban and ask them to sweet talk their way through the present negotiations if the solution lies in just talks. I would draw one's attention to the fact that it was the Taliban military prowess in the field that lepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Commemorating Joint Independence Day together, India, Pakistan, citizens call for peace

From the Blog beenasarwar*Delhi, 12 August 2019: Mani Shanker Aiyer addressing the flagging-off ceremony*. Photo courtesy Ravi Nitesh. *Wrote this piece yesterday, published in Aman Ki Asha, about the annual joint Independence Day Celebrations by Indians and Pakistanis. The Aman Dosti Yatra (Peace Friendship March) reached Amritsar from Delhi yesterday. Friends in Pakistan were prevented from going to the border but they held a seminar in Lahore. There's a piece about the Yatra in The Indian Express*: *"There is tension on the border due to Kashmir issue. But we have been getting huge response from the public. Sentiment on ground is different from social media where people have been trolling each other and spreading hate. On ground, people are coming to greet us. We are encouraged by the response. We hpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments


From the Blog ashrafiya Shaykh Ziauddin Abu Najeeb Soharwardi (Allah have mercy on him) said, 'The (main) worship of the spiritual aspirant (*faqir*) is fighting back the thoughts (*khawatir*) inciting to sinful action.' *Adaab ul murideen*, p51 pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3923292271810919434 Pakistani Blog Posts


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