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Why I will be voting for PTI in this general election

From the Blog thefiveyearsBefore we get started, let me just make a few things clear. I am NOT a PTI or even Imran Khan fanboy. I would just be laying down (and countering) a few arguments as to why PTI is the best option in my opinion. Feel free to disagree and/ or debate. Like most people who grew up in Punjab, I had accepted the fact that we will forever be governed by the Sharifs even if they were corrupt gangsters. I was one of those who were content with the "khata hai to lagata bhi hai" (even if he's corrupt, he works for development too) argument. In the 90's when Imran Khan had just started raising his voice, I had no particular reason to believe in him. More so, I knew Pakistani politics was a dirty game and a cricketing playboy had no business jumping in. The only admirable thing I do rememberpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

What not to do when meeting relatives a d friends over this Eid ul Fitr

From the Blog idlecuriositiesofmylifeAs we approach the end of Ramadan and still try to guess when exactly Eid is, let's try and make this Eid beautiful not only for ourselves but also for others around us by knowing what not to say. None of us mean to say the wrong thing but sometimes we just do especially when […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3225026287099630625 Pakistani Blog Posts


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