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بھارتی تماشائی اور عمران طاہر کے درمیان جھگڑا

From the Blog cricnama جنوبی افریقہ اور بھارت کا چوتھا ون ڈے بہترین مقابلوں میں سے ایک تھا لیکن ایک واقعے نے پورے کھیل کے بدمزہ کردیا ہے۔ کرکٹ ساؤتھ افریقہ نے گزشتہ روز تصدیق کی ہے کہ جوہانسبرگ میں ہونے والے مقابلے میں عمران طاہر کو نسل پرستانہ جملوں کا سامنا کرنا پڑا تھا۔ جاری کردہ بیان کے مطابق کرکٹ ساؤتھ افریقہ کا کہنا ہے کہ وہ سوشل میڈیا اور واٹس ایپ گروپوں میں شیئر کی جانے والی وڈیو فوٹیج سے آگاہ ہے، جس میں عمران طاہر کو دکھایا گیا ہے۔ دراصل چوتھے ون ڈے کے دوران وینڈررز اسٹیڈیم میں ایک تماشائی کی جانب سے عمران طاہر کے خلاف غلط زبان استعمال کی گئی تھی اور ان پر نسل پرستانہ جملے بھی کسے گئے۔ عمران طاہر نے اسٹیڈیم سکیورٹی کو اس واقعے سے آگاہ کیا اور دو سکیورٹی اہلکاروں کی مدد سے اس شخص کی شناخت کی جسے اسے اسٹیڈیمباہر نکال دیا گیا۔ اس دوران عمران طاہر نے اس شخص سے کوئی ہاتھاپائی نہیں کی۔ کرکٹ ساؤتpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Leaks Before Launch & Its a Beast

From the Blog propakistani Xiaomi is expected to release the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro tomorrow. Latest specifications leaked from India show that the Redmi 5 Note is a rebranded Redmi 5 Plus (as expected) with a Snapdragon 625 processor. However, the real mid-range king will be the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which will feature even better hardware and design. Here are the leaked images with specifications: *Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Specifications* *Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro specifications* As evident from the image above, the Redmi Note 5 Pro will feature a design quite similar to its predecessor except for the camera module that reminds us of Apple's iPhone X. On the front is an 5.9 inch 18:9 screen with Full HD+ (2160 x 1080) resolution. It manages up to 450 nits in brightness, which is not terribly brightpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

No BAE this Valentine's Day? 8 Reasons why Food is your BAE

From the Blog cheflingtales Valentine's day is the least favorite day if you are single but when you have food to keep you company, you can be happier than a couple. *8 Reasons why a foodie's valentine is better!* You watch couples have an argument as you eat away! You don't need a date to go out on a date you have food! You are already in a very fulfilling relationship When your friends brag about their Valentine's day date When you say go out on a date just so you can eat. But we always wonder why? A foodie's problem But if hobbits are okay with it why can't we Still feeling blue? You always have chocolates at the end of the day. The post No BAE this Valentine's Day? 8 Reasons why Food is your BAE appeared first on Chefling Tales. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Midnight call.

From the Blog randomlyabstract *Hello. I need help again today.* *How many people ask you for help on this very day?* *Well, hey, don't put down the phone during any minute. I have so much to say.* *I feel like crying today. I feel like crying a lot. I don't know. Remember that person?* *You know, I was very happy today. I was very happy until later when this started. You know, I would have closed everything down, shut myself to the sweet escape but right now, I am talking to you. Because I'm so done with running away. I run to reach the same place every freaking time. I am so done.* *Hello? Please say something else. I know you get me. I know you understand. I am already breathing, I am not dying. And by the way, I can never actually commit suicide, like ever. Inshaa Allah as well but like never.* *Okapakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 5738363775070281545 Pakistani Blog Posts


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