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So many updates..

From the Blog ayeshaI haven't been able to update blog since February.. Thalassemia cause and business is keeping me on toes.. I keep on updating my activities on twitter & facebook but sadly don't get time to update my khoobsurat blog 🙁 Now I am confused that how should I share all the activities we did since February.. … Continue reading So many updates.. →pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

#NotInMyName and expanding 'islands of sanity'

From the Blog beenasarwar[image: agenda_16_06_1] Residents say they keep a 24-hour vigil during disturbances to prevent any mischief by 'outsiders' Talking about the #NotInMyName campaign in India against lynch mobs that forced PM Modi to break his near-silence on the vigilante violence, my friend Jaspal Singh in an email also discusses the model of citizens' "defence committees" against communal violence, as seen in Canada and in India. He gives the example of Ram Rahim Nagar (population over 20,000), Ahmedabad, cared for by a welfare society formed by two security guards in 1974. "It is to their great honour that to this day not a single communal incident has taken place there, even when Gujarat was burning," added Jaspal when I probed him further about it. An earlier piece, Islands of Sanity (PUCL, pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

پُرانی موٹر ۔۔۔ از ۔۔۔ سید ضمیر جعفری

From the Blog ranaii-e-khayalسید ضمیر جعفری ظریفانہ شاعری میں ایک ایسی تابندہ مثال ہیں کہ جس کی نظیر اردو شاعری میں نہیں ملتی۔ اُن کا بیشتر مزاحیہ کلام ایسا ہے کہ اسے جب بھی پڑھا جائے اپنا الگ ہی لطف دیتا ہے۔ اُن کی ایک مشہورِ زمانہ نظم پرانی موٹر قارئینِ بلاگ کی نذر! پرانی موٹر عجب اک بار سا مردار پہیوں نے اٹھایا ہے اسے انساں کی بد بختی نے جانے کب بنایا ہے نہ ماڈل ہے نہ باڈی ہے نہ پایہ ہے نہ سایہ ہے پرندہ ہے جسے کوئی شکاری مار لایا ہے کوئی شے ہے کہ بینِ جسم و جاں معلوم ہوتی ہے کسی مرحوم موٹر کا دھواں معلوم ہوتی ہے طبعیت مستقل رہتی ہے ناساز و علیل اس کی اٹی رہتی ہے نہر اس کی ٬ پھٹی رہتی ہے جھیل اس کی توانائی قلیل اس کی تو بینائی بخیل اس کی کہ اس کو مدتوں سے کھا چکی عمر طویل اس کی گریباں چاک انجن یوں پڑا ہے اپنے چھپر میں کہ جیسے کوئی کالا مرغ ہو گھی کے کنستر میں ولایت سے کسی سرجارج ایلن بی کے ساتھ آئی جوانی لpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Independence Day Under Donald Trump

From the Blog pakteahouse By: Rafique Ali Today is July 4th, 2017. Exactly 241 yrs ago in 1776, representatives of 13 colonies who were then subject of mighty British Empire resolved to succeed to form a perfect union to start an experiment called the United States of America; rest is history. For 240 years this country went through many shockwaves, Trump's election was the most divisive shock this country ever suffered after the civil war. PC: Business Insider I am guilty of writing a hypothetical scenario of Donald Trump's election, it was published in Pak Tea House on June 16, 2016; I never intended or wished for his election. Here is the link to that article Why Hillary lost, what was in the minds of rust belt industrial workpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 2326897787735295134 Pakistani Blog Posts


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