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Personal Spaces – Farrukh Naseem – Painter, Pakistan Chowk

From the Blog thekarachiwallaUber Talented. Watch out for Farrukh Naseem. He is going to go places with his craft. The Karachi Walla arranged to meet him at Pakistan Chowk, where we had met some months back for the first time. I was taking some people around and I noticed him along with other painters busy painting city life […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

اشتہارات کی دنیا

From the Blog qalamkarwanاشتہارات کے معاشرے پر اثرات یا اشتہارات میں معاشرہ کی جھلک! "بھائی نیا ٹوتھ پیسٹ لایا ہے ! جس کا اشتہار ٹی وی پر آرہا ہے !' یہ اس خط کا ایک حصہ ہے جو ہم نے 1985 ء میں اپنے ابا جان کو لکھا تھا ۔ وہ ان دنوں نائیجیریا میں مقیم تھے ۔یادش بخیر ! ان دنوں خطوط ہی رابطے کا واحد ذریعہ ہوا کرتے تھے جن میں جزئیات لکھی اور پڑھی جاتی تھیں ورنہ 3 منٹ کی کال تو محض سلام دعا میں ہی ختم ہوجاتی تھی ۔خط پہنچنے میں کم ازکم دو ہفتےلگتے تھے ۔ایک ماہ بعد اس خط کا جواب آیا تو اس میں بڑے ہلکے پھلکے انداز میں لکھا تھا " کیا تم لوگ ہر وہ چیز گھر لاؤ گے جس کا اشتہار ٹی وی پر آئے گا ؟ " اس پر بڑی بحث و تکرا ر ہوئی اور بالآ خر یہ طے پا یا کہ ڈنٹونک ہی آئے گا ! Dentonic, With or Without Brush! ایک بھائی پر کیا منحصر ، اشتہارات تو ہر ایک کو متا ثر کرتے ہیں ! ہماری امpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Ode to Parents

From the Blog cybegeekWhen you were a child Every sight wondrous Every sound marvellous Every new day joyous On along the way you lost Sweet happiness naive Innocence That Something irreplaceable The inner light so incredible A love too unconditional Eyes closed in mother's lap fragile visage indestructible Nothing felt impossible Embrace of a father lifting a child feeling low Reassuring and sublime There for him all the time Still can hear those prayers That were meant for you As you lay down at night Mother's arm pillow just right Instilled with love & affection Values & virtues live on The sum of all nurture when love becomes nature pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

India Cattle Slaughter Ban; Panama JIT Report; Trump Russia Collusion

From the Blog riazhaqWhy did the Modi government ban cattle slaughter across India? Why did the Indian Supreme Court block it nationally? Was Modi government targeting India's Muslim minority that depends on the $16 billion meat and leather industry? Are such steps consistent with the constitution of a "secular democracy"? Sharif Family Being Investigated by Panama JITHow historic is Pakistan's corruption investigation into the allegations against a sitting prime minister and his family? What is in the JIT report about country's ruling Sharif family? Is it hard evidence of Sharifs' corruption as its supporters believe? Or is it just rumors and innuendo and part of a conspiracy to unseat Prime Minister Sharif? How will Pakistan Supreme Court deal with it? Will it lead to disqualification and removal pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6167210071872115587 Pakistani Blog Posts


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