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The best bit of Brooklyn Bridge isn't

From the Blog shahzebnajamJust as you feel when you look on the river and sky, so I felt; Just as any of you is one of a living crowd, I was one of a crowd… What is it, then, between us? What is the count of the scores or hundreds of years between us? Walt Whitman, […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

اسلام آباد بارش کے بعد

From the Blog theajmals اپریل 2017ء کے پہلے ہفتے میں اسلام آباد میں بارشیں ہوئیں ۔ بارش کے دوران اور بارش کے بعد کے کچھ مناظر *گھٹائیں جب اُمڈ کے آئیں* *اسلام آباد کی ایک چھوٹی سڑک* *فاطمہ جناح پارک* جو میرے گھر سے 310 میٹر کے فاصلہ پر ہے *سینٹورس شاپنگ مال* (Centaurus Shopping Mall) جو میرے گھر سے 500 میٹر کے فاصلہ پر ہے *کوہسار روڈ* *دامنِ کوہ* جو میرے گھر سے 4 کلو میٹر کے فاصلہ پر ہے *دامنِ کوہ سے مونال ریستوراں جانے والی سڑک* *رات کے وقت مونال سے اسلام آباد کا ایک منظر* *جناح سپورٹس سٹیڈیم* میرے گھر سے 4 کلو میٹر کے فاصلہ پر *میٹرو بس سٹیشن* ہمارے گھر کے قریب pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Yet Another Honor For Malala

From the Blog riazhaqMalala Yousufzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 and survived to tell her story, has become a household name in the West. She and her family have found a new home in Birmingham, England. She has been honored with some of the highest international awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Last week, Malala was named the youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace, with a special focus on girls' education. *Refugee Crisis:* While Malala has been widely celebrated in Europe and America, the West has not been so generous to the refugee children from Syria and other war-torn nations who are suffering an ongoing tragedy. Very few refugees have been accepted in the West and there's growing opposition to accepting any more. Meanwhile, the greatest burden of pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3157719146252936105 Pakistani Blog Posts


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