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tangled beyond repair

From the Blog awaisaftab"The title is a nonsense phrase, meaning tangled beyond repair. Our narrator (who, with his excellent intentions and total lack of initiative, recalls Nick Carraway) hears it for the first time on his honeymoon. He has pounced on his new wife, Anita, in their hotel room, but can't untie the drawstring of her sari's petticoat. It's all knotted up — *ghachar ghochar*, she says, reaching for a word from her childhood, a word invented by her little brother to describe a snarled kite string. The narrator is thrilled by this intimacy, to be welcomed into her secret language. In the morning, he gestures at the disheveled bedsheets, their entwined legs: *ghachar ghochar.*" Parul Sehgal, writes about the novel *Ghachar Ghochar* by Vivek Shanbhag. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

SIMSIM Makes Mobile Wallet a Reality in Pakistan [Review]

From the Blog telecompk style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-2983676629643435″ data-ad-slot="8774799491″ data-ad-format="auto"> The concept of e-wallet and Mobile Wallet was an alien term for most of Pakistanis. I remember students having difficulty to grasp why would people need e-wallets while teaching them e-commerce. It seems that the fintech services sector in Pakistan has finally taken off. It is interesting to note that majority of Pakistanis live in areas where banking services are either not accessible or they can only be accessed after undergoing a lot of travel and hassle. Moreover, lack of literacy makes accessing such services even more difficult. Almost all Banks provide mobile applications now but customers can't get a mobile account unless they have a banking account. Rolepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1596186469958569914 Pakistani Blog Posts


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