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Smaller Things

From the Blog ummeyusufWith our temperatures rapidly climbing and the weather turing unusually hot for this time of the year, I have quite lost the will to work on my cardigan. Instead, I did reorganisation of my yarn stash and decided to knit up some cotton yarns to free up some space. Two potholders and two dischcloths later, I had managed to use an equivalent of only two balls of yarn. The potholders are crocheted while the dishcloths are knit. Anyway, the potholders are pretty awesome and performing very well in the kitchen. The dishcloths have not been used as of now, but I can foresee their use in the near future. I am already looking for some other small knitting or crochet project. Any ideas? pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

مرزا صاحباں

From the Blog khawarkingpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Travel Writing

From the Blog odysseuslahori The other day, a young friend of mine introduced me to a man about my age. Very enthusiastically he told him I was a travel writer. The gent who had never read anything but Urdu newspapers and for whom writing was only what papers had, asked if I travelled from place to place gathering news for a paper? No, said I, young Mikhail was such an incorrigible practical joker. I was actually in the leather business. And then I recalled the time I fed this line to another person many years ago. Entirely to my detriment, the man was quite in his cups and also knew someone in Germany in the leather business. He gave me his friend's name and address and for the rest of the evening pestered me to contact him ASAP so that his friend could get first-class leather. The persistence of drunks pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Understanding CMO CDO and CDS. Big Short Case Study – Part III – Finance Training Course

From the Blog faisalkhan When I first saw the movie, The Big Short, I fell in love with it. Not because it was a great movie, but because there was this one scene in the movie, about the trio going to Miami to do field research, which was the turning point in the movie. The field research resonated with me and that is why I loved the movie. Shifting gears, it was a pleasant surprise when I came across Jawwad Farid's post on the movie and understanding the complex financial products as outlined in the movie. Jawwad's done a great job of explaining it. Do read it. - The Big Short case study. For value investors, portfolio managers and fixed income traders. - Value investing lessons from the Big Short (film) – Part II - Understanding CMO CDO and CDS. Big Short Case Study – Part III Source:pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Stylish Students

From the Blog pakistanimodelsFrom the blog Pakistani Models : Stylish Students, (part of the Network) To see pictures, click the headline above.pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7683289680572821361 Pakistani Blog Posts


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