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Break The Sterotypes

From the Blog noorsplaceLast week, I attended an event of Parhlo. They are a new, viral content website that has been very popular in youngsters. I call it Pakistani buzzfeed. The topic of the evening was *breaking stereotypes and empowering the youth*. Huzzah! Too-my-type. The trouble with society is that they don't want to pace forward, oftenly. While the elders of society keep the old traditions, the youngsters with warm blood and bright ideas try to move at a fast pace. It ends up as a conflict between two generations. I must say elders are right, they do have experience. They just shouldn't keep denying what youth has to offer in terms of modernism. If traditions would merge into modern ideas, a new contemporary society would be born. We all got to discuss a number of issues that the youth have topakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Don't trust the TRUSTS and FOUNDATIONS

From the Blog hallopakistan*A friend of mine in yesterday dinner tried his level best to convince that we should donate some money to a trust whose working inspired him. He actually coming from charity gala of that trust and donated few thousands and promise not only donate more but also encourage his family and friends to donate money to the trust for their remarkable charity work. Most of us who were attending dinner in our individual capacity try to give charity and best thing never brag about it as it is against teaching of Islam. We also told him that we will donate but one of our friend not convinced and told us before donating money you should check the background TRUST and who is running it. He then revealed that the person who is running the trust which inspired our friend is a retired bureaucrat pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3026252285712874320 Pakistani Blog Posts

Over 100 US Academics Caution Silicon Valley Against Doing Business With Modi's India

From the Blog riazhaqLeading South Asia experts at US universities have warned top tech firms to be cautious in doing business with India as India's Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to visit Silicon Valley to promote "Digital India" in September 2015. A joint statement signed by 124 professors accuses the Modi government of "disregard for human rights and civil liberties, as well as the autonomy of educational and cultural institutions". The signatories are mostly Indian-American professors. Others include Columbia University's Akeel Bilgrami, Stanford University's Thomas Blom Hansen and the University of Chicago's Wendy Doniger, according to *Here is the full text of their statement:* *As faculty who engage South Asia in our research and teaching, we write tpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 184540628293663500 Pakistani Blog Posts

The Air I Breathe

From the Blog dearrumiSo, the exciting news of my recently embarked-upon writing career has been a fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center in order to gain some valuable writing time. The residency will start on August 30, during which I will probably be incommunicado for the month of September. I know this is a big deal because I’ve been told, […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7505294991581731787 Pakistani Blog Posts

Musings: Times to put down your camera (phone)

From the Blog periodicreflectionsTeaching university level comes with its own benefits. One gets to go to places otherwise might not be possible or even thought of. The other day, we took a group of 14 students to Edhi house as part of their … Continue reading →pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

پی سی بی اور کھلاڑی سینٹرل کنٹریکٹ پر متفق ہوگئے

From the Blog cricnamaگزشتہ کئی دنوں سے جس سنٹرل کنٹرکٹ پر بحث و مباحثہ جاری تھا بالاخر وہ معاملہ اب حل ہوگیا ہے اور پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ (پی سی بی) اور کھلاڑیوں نے ممکنہ نئے کنٹرکٹ پر اپنی اپنی رضامندی کا اظہار کردیا ہے۔ نئے ممکنہ کنٹرکٹ کے مطابق 32 کھلاڑٖیوں کو کنٹرکٹ دیے جائیں گے جنہیں 4pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 2911515871643785109 Pakistani Blog Posts

Let's fingers cross about who rule Isloo (Islamabad) on 30th November, 2015

From the Blog hallopakistan*Finally, election commission gave timeline for local bodies election in Islamabad after avoiding it for more than 2 years in Supreme Court. Let's finger cross that ISLOO citizens first time in history will taste local bodies as they were remain dependent on CDA since 60's. Democracy can't be completed without local bodies but Pakistani democrats hate local bodies for number of reasons as funds are shared, new leadership get platform and monopoly of parliamentarians.* *Which party will win local body election in Islamabad; the capital of country? Though, local body voting trends are not exact reflection of general elections as people vote on trivial things such as caste, ethnicity and personal friendship and also family contacts but in Islamabad where most of people are not napakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3285277785250953964 Pakistani Blog Posts

Pakistani-American Leads Silicon Valley's Top High-Tech Incubator Y-Combinator

From the Blog riazhaq33-year-old Qasar Younis, a Lala Moosa born Harvard-educated Pakistani-American, is the new Chief Operating Officer of Y-Combinator, a spawning ground for emerging tech giants Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe in Silicon Valley, according to Fortune Magazine. Qasar Younis (Source: Linked-In)Younis was born on a farm in Lal Moosa, Gujarat, Pakistan. He was brought by his parents as a 6-year-old boy to the United States where his parents found work as blue collar workers in the auto industry in Detroit, Michigan. Younis' start-up TalkBin was offered a $7 million seed round by Y Combinator. However, it was acquired by Google in 2011 even before signing the seed-round term sheet. Younis joined the Google Maps team where he worked to bring local businesses onboard them. He stayed there forpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

کولمبو ٹیسٹ کے پہلے دن بارش برتری لے گئی

From the Blog cricnamaسیریز کے تیسرے اور فیصلہ کن ٹیسٹ مقابلے میں برتری حاصل کرنے کے خواہاں سری لنکا اور بھارت پر کھیل کے پہلے دن بارش کی اجارہ داری قائم رہی۔ دن بھر میں صرف 15 اوورز کا کھیل ممکن ہو سکا جس میں بھارت نے دو وکٹوں کے نقصان پر 50 رنز بنائے۔ کولمبو کے سنہالیزpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 692822980719716799 Pakistani Blog Posts

Gujarat genie will not go back into bottle

From the Blog hallopakistan *Gujarat Riots: * *I still remember that on next day of 2002 general election: Benazir Bhutto warned the security establishment under President Musharraf and general public that genie of extremism is now out of bottle and you will never bring it back into bottle in coming years. She was actually commenting on unprecedented win of right wing religious alliance called Mutaida Majlis Amal (MMA) which emerged as the third biggest parliamentary party and swept away election in KPK province.* *This never happened in parliamentary history that religious parties got more than 10% of total seats or total votes.* *Many believe that their victory is orchestrated by security establishment to fend off central or liberal forces in parliament who were against General Musharaff. Experiment pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7787203084798724487 Pakistani Blog Posts

Top Global Fund Manager Mark Mobius is Bullish on Pakistan

From the Blog riazhaqJoseph Mark Mobius of Templeton Emerging Markets Group sees "many reasons for a brighter future for Pakistan". Mobius, armed with B.A. and M.S. degrees in Communications from Boston University, and a Ph.D in economics from MIT, is a top global fund manager with a good track record of investing in emerging markets. In a blog post titled "Building Corridors to the Future in Pakistan", an obvious reference to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Mobius says he and his team "have been investing in Pakistan for a number of years, and see it as an overlooked investment destination with attractive valuations due to negative macro sentiment". It should be noted that Karachi Stock Exchange listed companies' average price-earnings multiple of just 10 is less than half of regional mapakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

سر توڑ کوشش، لیکن آئرلینڈ آسٹریلیا کو زیر نہ کرسکا

From the Blog cricnamaانگلستان کے دورے پر ٹیسٹ سیریز میں ناکامی کے بعد آسٹریلیا نے محدود اوورز کے مرحلے کاآغاز بھرپور کامیابی کے ساتھ کیا ہے، گو کہ یہ کامیابی روایتی حریف کے خلاف نہیں بلکہ آئرلینڈ کے خلاف رہی کہ جس کے خلاف واحد ایک روزہ میں آسٹریلیا نے ڈک ورتھ لوئس طریق کار کے مطابق 23pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1642047841076043510 Pakistani Blog Posts

What's In My Bag?

From the Blog noorsplaceMy bag is something that I can never leave while going outside. It feels weird being outside without carrying all essentials, like a book. I would rather read a book than staring outside for hours. Hashtag traveler. Today I am sharing a typical, or not so typical, "what's in my bag?!?!" post. I don't carry a lot of stuff. My college bag contains all the crap I wouldn't put in my fancy handbags. They get so full and look excessively stuffed that isn't visually appearing. Ew. So I keep minimum yet necessary things. My bag is from 10 Dollars Mall*. It's a discounted store that offers everything under $10. From clothing to accessories and everything. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? This bag was like $9.99. I couldn't wait to have my hands on it ever since I first saw it. It's a black leather pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Eye of Horus Goddess Black Mascara Review and Swatches

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: Eye of Horus Goddess Black Mascara Review and Swatches]Eye of Horus Goddess Black Mascara PR Sample* Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara looks as divine in its chunky black and gold tube as it sounds. For the record I love all of Eye of Horus packaging as it is sleek and high quality. The Goddess Mascara comes in two shades; black and brown. I currently have the black one and boy it is dark as night. If you have been hanging around lately, you would have noticed this has been a month of positive reviews, and let me inform you this will be no different. [image: Eye of Horus Goddess Black Mascara Review and Swatches] Formulation wise, this mascara is not too dry or wet, but just right. It is light weight and made out of natural waxes and contains Moringa oil for nourishing and spakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 4172754794137660781 Pakistani Blog Posts

سلمان بٹ اور محمد آصف کی ٹیم میں شمولیت کے لیے کڑی شرائط عائد

From the Blog cricnamaخدا خدا کرکے پانچ سال کی طویل پابندی ختم ہوئی تو پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ (پی سی بی) کے ارادے کچھ اور ہی معلوم ہو رہے ہیں کیونکہ بورڈ نے اسپاٹ فکسنگ میں ملوث کھلاڑیوں سلمان بٹ اور محمد آصف کے لیے بحالی پروگرام ترتیب دینے کا مضبوط ارادہ کرلیا ہے۔ پی سی بی کے چیئرمینpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1411007342630050990 Pakistani Blog Posts

Indian Hindu Nationalists' US Envy: "Surgical Strikes" in Pakistan?

From the Blog riazhaqIs India's Modi planning a limited war with Pakistan? The talk in the Indian media suggests that he may be doing just that. Here are excepts of a couple of recent opinion pieces on the subject published in the Indian media: *"The idea of (India's) hot pursuit of terrorists has also not been fully tested yet. Security experts say that aircrafts or commandos can execute an operation against militant camps in Pakistan but argue that returning back to India may not be easy."* Sushil Aaron, Hindustan Times "*Even though a limited war would have high costs for Pakistan, a crisis would frighten away the investors he (Modi) needs to realise his economic vision. Firing across the LoC has been demonstrated not to deter the Pakistan army. Targeting jihadist leaders across the LoC is an pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 4160555253357953567 Pakistani Blog Posts

Beautiful and divine like you

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: divine] Neither heart is in control or the will The eyes drowning in blood as The beloved is not in my arms I changed to dust in her disjointing Pounding my heart, I wept copiously Pieces of my heart shed in tears Why ask me to control my heart My heart is not with me friends It is stuck in one’s hair lock When heart’s heat inflamed The tongue became so dry That palate got scratchy Her eye lashes stabbing heart Shaved brows like naked swords Both of the eyes are spellbinding Watch your personal ornaments I wear Iron collar and iron chains Strength is in her arms Eyelashes sped such an arrow Piercing heart came out forth Scorpion lacks such toxic sting For thou my dearly loved We wander in the scorching sun Feet burn in blazing dust Roamed from garden to gpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 2313274624408100854 Pakistani Blog Posts

Beauty In The Wilds

From the Blog noorsplaceNature photography has always been my favorite theme, to contemplate different angels and present them in a way that all photographs look more subtle. I have been trying to add more minimalism into my photos. No matter if it’s a shot of my everyday tea cup, lush green scenery or even a selfie, it could always get better with a hint of minimalism. I decided to try some nature shots with the minimalistic angels and they turned out so well. I love to turn traditional methods into contemporary techniques. You know, where nature meets the modern photo ideas, this is what I tried doing over the past week. Since I was having a resting week at my grands, away from college and city, the whole place offered a whole serene feeling for me to soak up. The first thing I spotted when I set out pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder Review and Swatches

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder]Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder PR Sample* Let's be real, this is where it all begin, didn't it? Packing on your mum's face powder was as real as it got back in the day. To be honest, I did not even know foundations existed when I was around ten and apart from that fruity, transparent, roller lip gloss, face powder was the only it makeup bit. Years later, we all still find face powders to be a purse essential even if now a lot more is loaded on before getting to the powder. As a result, today I am reviewing Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder, that I have been using for quite some time now. Before we move on to the performance of this product, I want you to take a minute and think what do you expect out of a face powder. You will find my own answerpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Ali Sethi knows music as much Najam Sethi knows cricket

From the Blog hallopakistan *Google Image: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat with father Irfan Khoosat * *Sarmad Sultan Khoosat who is son of Pakistani veteran TV actor Irfan Khoosat; who is brilliant both as director and as actor. His two brilliant directions are HUMSAFAR and SHER-E-ZAAT were mega hits and also trendsetter. He is one young director who make stars and gave Pakistan and probably Bollywood two stars Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan. When your credentials are so high then people expect from you nothing but merit and brilliance. However, his choice to ask Ali Sethi to sing title song "**Aah Ko Chahiye** "** of his new drama Mein Minto is utter disappointment. Ali Sethi is son of Pakistani journalists Najam Sethi and Jugnu Moshin who are now a days hosting talk shows on GEO TV. Najam Sethi also headed Ppakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6044731408126408338 Pakistani Blog Posts

NA-122 Verdict; MQM Resignations; India-Pakistan Talks Cancellation; Trump Phenomenon

From the Blog riazhaqWill Pakistan NA-122 re-poll order boost Imran Khan and PTI? Is this a big setback of PMLN and Sharif clan in Lahore? Is Reham Khan preparing for significant leadership role in PTI? Did Pakistan do the right thing by refusing conditional talks with India at the NSA level? How will this affect prospects for peace in South Asia? Has Nawaz Sharif snubbed MQM leadership by ignoring their complaints during his Karachi visit? How will it impact Karachi? How will Donald Trump fare if nominated as Republican candidate for president in 2016 US general elections? Can he become president and govern? Viewpoint From Overseas host Misbah Azam and analyst Riaz Haq discuss these questions. PTI Win in NA-122; India-Pakistan Talks Off; MQM Resignations; Trump Phepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

My very dear friends

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: ME] I did not write about polygamy to offend anyone or brainwash or misguide or impose anything. I was reading about it and i know it also, so just felt like sharing with you. As we are now addicted to write—– to write anything—-but write——- so penned that. We see, read watch and come across so many things we don’t believe in so my writing is just to read and ignore if you don’t like :) I have visited all religious worship places of different religions respectfully except synagogue, not for any other reason but because I didn’t get a chance to. I visited with the people who were either Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims. Every religion preaches to be kind, caring sharing and tolerant. So friends if my words hurt anyone I humbly ask you to forgive me I love evpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 9038320339490105399 Pakistani Blog Posts

Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer Review and Swatches

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer] Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer/Base has been time and again compared to the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion, and even though I haven't tried the latter, getting my hands on this much-raved primer for much less was crucial. However, I had a hard time finding it in my most visited supermarkets, until a couple months back. Of course, at that time my excitement sky-rocketed, but the real test was yet to be taken. [image: Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer] [image: Luscious Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer Swatches] This eyeshadow primer comes loaded in a cute purple squeezy tube which thank goodness does not cause any spillage as the formulation of the product is thick and pasty. See, that tiny blob of product in the photo? That'spakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6265896132156767904 Pakistani Blog Posts


From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: Muslims-Britain-Polygamy] The Resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly that; ‘A man does not need a permission of his wife for marrying the second time’. A Fatwa (stamped legality) in this regard was given by the Mufti Azam Saudi Arabia that Men should marry more women. This news initiated me to express my personal views on this hot topic. What do you think is the reason for this & why this need arose? The so called Women Right Organizations will just keep on pulling their hair that this is against women’s rights*, but no, it’s not*. It is *just in favor* of Women’s rights. Every woman has a right to have a spouse. Let’s see what does Islam has to say about polygamy The wisdom behind permitting plural marriage - The Statistics show that the number of women is greatepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8273380602923355672 Pakistani Blog Posts

"Sanghat" of Hum TV will be another hit

From the Blog hallopakistan *Google Image: Saba Qamar* *If you asked to rate best female drama actress of Pakistan who appeared on TV screens in last few year then there are plenty of candidates including Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Khan, Monal Pasha, Saira Yousaf, Areej Fatyma, Saira Khan, Mehwish Hayyat, Samiya Mumtaz, Sana Khan, Mahira Khan, Maya Khan, Aiza Khan, Neelum Munir, Soha Abaro etc. but they all are competing for runner up slot as there is margin between them and Saba Qamar who is on number 1 spot for so many years. It is great achievement as drama industry of Pakistan is full of talent and glamour and this is reason why Indian dramas completely fail to impress Pakistani audience rather Pakistani dramas spell bounded Indian audience for direction, script and above all acting skill and natural beaupakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1967231534787474562 Pakistani Blog Posts

Time to Dump India Shares and Buy Pakistan and Hong Kong Equities?

From the Blog riazhaqIs it time to sell India short and go long on Pakistan? Indian shares are highly overvalued while Pakistan and Hong Kong shares are trading at very attractive valuations, according to latest data published by Bloomberg. The Indian shares listed in Mumbai are trading at nearly 22 times earnings, more than twice the price-earnings multiples of Karachi and Hong Kong listed stocks. Source: Bloomberg Hong Kong's Hang Seng benchmark gauge for $4.3 trillion of shares was valued at 9.8 times reported earnings on Thursday, a 44 percent discount to the MSCI All-Country World Index, according to Bloomberg. That's the cheapest level among developed markets worldwide and compares with a multiple of 10.2 for Pakistan's KSE 100 Index. Russia's Micex has the lowest valuation among major marpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

آسٹریلیا کلارک کو شایان شان الوداع کہنے کے لیے تیار

From the Blog cricnamaایشیز کے چوتھے ٹیسٹ میں انگلستان کی شاندار گیندبازی کے سامنے آسٹریلیا جس طرح ناکام ہوا، اور پہلی اننگز میں صرف 60 رنز پر ڈھیر ہوگیا تھا، اس کے بعد ہواؤں کا رخ آسٹریلیا کے بلے بازوں کی جانب ہوگیا۔ اننگز اور 78 رنز کی بھاری بھرکم شکست کے بعد تنقید کے ایسے نشتر چلےpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 9115653455911820968 Pakistani Blog Posts

The Ecstatic 18

From the Blog noorsplaceI turned 18! 16 August, I really adore my birthday. Except for my geek love with even numbers (how 2^4 is 16, making it my favorite mathematics combo), it's special because birthdays are supposed to be special. This year, it was quite different. I waited to turn 18 all my life, especially at all those moments where I had to stop for a certain activity as it was for "the grown-ups", those dangerous rides I would dream of riding and a bunch of other things that don't seem to matter, any more. But as it came near, I was *afraid*. 18 doesn't only mean growing up to the age where you get to ride your favorite roller coaster in an amusement park, but it's a synonym for responsibilities, expectations and rawness of reality. You wouldn't be considered a kid who can keep repeating mistakpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Budget Friendly MUA Lipsticks

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: MUA Lipsticks Review]MUA Lipsticks L-R: Fawn Fancy, Shade 10 PR Sample* Not too long ago, I totally skipped lipsticks with a full face of makeup, because I always felt lipsticks require so much courage to be pulled off. That might have been the case mainly because the shades I was drawn too were usually on the bolder end of the spectrum while the hunt for lights and neutrals to suit my complexion was always on. Makeup Academy has been around as a popular drugstore brand for as long as I can remember. However, I never got the chance of trying anything from them because MUA is not sold locally but can be luckily bought at as they now officially stock the entire range. I personally went for Makeup Revolution (MUR) over Makeup Academy (MUA) while it was still newpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 5777033674904583399 Pakistani Blog Posts

کامیابی انگلستان کی، نقصان پاکستان کا

From the Blog cricnamaاوول میں انگلستان اور آسٹریلیا کا پانچواں ٹیسٹ اپنی تمام تر ہنگامہ خیزیوں کے ساتھ شروع ہوچکا ہے۔ سیریز کا نتیجہ تو ابتدائی چار مقابلوں میں ہی نکل چکا ہے جس میں انگلستان نے حیران کن طور پر کامیابی حاصل کی۔ ایسی سیریز جس کے آغاز کو انگلستان کے کپتان ایلسٹر کک کا آخری امتحانpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1533394740198719464 Pakistani Blog Posts

Is Trump Getting Foreign Policy Advice From Ex Pakistan Ambassador Husain Haqqani?

From the Blog riazhaq"Number one, the people negotiating don't have a clue. Our president doesn't have a clue. He's a bad negotiator...We get Bergdahl. We get a traitor. We get a no-good traitor, and they get the five people that they wanted for years, and those people are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us. That's the negotiator we have...I know the smartest negotiators in the world. I know the good ones. I know the bad ones. I know the overrated ones...But I know the negotiators in the world, and I put them one for each country. Believe me, folks. We will do very, very well, very, very well." Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2015 Donald Trump US real estate billionaire and Republication candidate Donald Trump's rhetoric on US negotiators' skills reminds me of similar writings pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Clouds pour rain only on lagoons

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: 18664-flood-warning-gale-force-winds-rain-and-snow-likely-for-moray][image: DESERT] Clouds pour rain only on lagoons Fields but yearn for a single drop Dust is peacefulness after agony He tightens and entraps His way Rise and fall is in line with His will Fortune maker stays, up in the sky Be cautious and better stay away Now every human being bristles I'm ultimate appraiser of jewels, so The heart is not discounted, beloved We scatter like sand particles Naina My sighs in puts Thal into flames *Abr Bhi Jheel Par Barasta Hai* *Kheit Ik Boond Ko Tarasta Hai* *Dard Seh Kar Bhi Milti Hai Taskeen* *Wo Shikanja Kuch Aise Kasta Hai* *Uski Marzi Pe Hai Urooj O Zawaal* *Bakht Saaz Aasman Pe Basta Hai* *Ehtiyatann Zara Sa Dor Raho* *Ab Tau Har Eik Shakhs Dasta Hai* *pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

پی سی بی-کے سی سی اے تنازع میں نیا رُخ

From the Blog cricnamaپاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ اور کراچی سٹی کرکٹ ایسوسی ایشن کے مابین تنازع ایک نئی صورت اختیار کرگیا ہے۔ ایک طرف کراچی نے 'عدم تعاون' کی تحریک چلا رکھی ہے تو دوسری جانب بورڈ نے بھی کچھ ایسے اقدامات اٹھائے ہیں، جن سے بیک وقت کراچی کے مطالبات کی تشفی بھی ہوسکے اور ساتھ ہی وہpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 5831898028571008037 Pakistani Blog Posts

Dignity of women

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: smiling_female_doctor_03_copy-original] A woman is a very unique, precious creation of Almighty. God made her delicate, fragile and beautiful like a flower. Even a slight heat wave of grief withers her blowing apart her like daisy, but, on the other hand she is patient and can endure the torturous labor pains to give birth to another human being. She is blend of love, brevity, endurance, hatred, judgment and sacrifice. She can do anything, everything. What she needs is respect and love. She is a mother. Mother is most valued relation. Hence valued beings are to be taken especial care of. The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) respected women most. Precious things are covered and protected. That's why women are preferred to pray separately and at home so no strangerpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

کراچی اور پی سی بی میں ٹھن گئی، نقصان کھلاڑیوں کا

From the Blog cricnamaپاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ ایک تجربہ گاہ بنتا نظر آ رہا ہے، شکر ہے ابھی تک چراگاہ نہیں بنا۔ دنیا بھر کے کرکٹ کھیلنے والے ممالک، حتیٰ کہ بنگلہ دیش جیسے چھوٹے بورڈز بھی، اپنی ڈومیسٹک کرکٹ سے بہت کچھ حاصل کررہے ہیں لیکن دنیائے کرکٹ کی چوتھی سب سے بڑی مارکیٹ ہونے کے باوجود پیpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8455299654056928132 Pakistani Blog Posts

Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation Review and Swatches

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation Review and Swatches]Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation - Mocha PR Sample*One revolutionary brand that took the Pakistani makeup industry by storm has to be Masarrat Misbah Makeup. Ever since its launch back in April, the line managed to attract considerable hype and their Silk Foundation, in particular, has been the most requested product for review by my own readers. I did feature it in my July Favourites recently but you can find all the details in this post. The Masarrat Misbah Makeup is known for being halal, cruelty-free and paraben free, so, all of this goodness makes them even more coveted. The Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation comes in a thick glass bottle with a convenient pump, which is made out of rubber similar to NARS packaging, so pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6223081347474672517 Pakistani Blog Posts

Light the lamp

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: LAMP] Abolish night's gloom, light the lamp Abolish fire of hate, light the lamp From the serenity of followers of love Arousing a stir in life, light the lamp The skies have all the time been against Forgetting everything, light the lamp If the drive to defeat is crystal-clear Illumine other lamp, glow with the lamp Those who increase dark to every traveler See! God is watching, do light the lamp pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

محمد عامر کی واپسی کا وقت قریب آگیا

From the Blog cricnamaٹھیک 5 سال قبل یعنی اگست 2010ء کو برطانوی اخبار ''نیوز آف دی ورلڈ'' نے اسپاٹ فکسنگ کے راز پر سے پردہ اٹھایا اور پاکستان کے تین اہم ترین کھلاڑی کپتان سلمان بٹ، محمد آصف اور محمد عامر دھر لیے گئے۔ ایسا لگتا تھا کہ اب قومی ٹیم اس زوال سے کبھی نہیں نکل پائےpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7494221891769450426 Pakistani Blog Posts


From the Blog faizansworld Candles are dimming and brightening on their own after words have started taking shape in the form of writing. Fingers are beginning to hug the pen after words have vanished from mind and silence has surrounded all around. Life has emptied my mind but still somehow words are beginning to form mysteriously. It seems that life is once again willing to give me some moments of privacy. But I know it's not a favor; it's a mere reflection of my selfish nature. It’s raining, both outside and inside the heart. It’s all dark and bright at the same time. Self has become a reflection of obsessed mind. At one point, it wants to achieve the unachievable; then, all of a sudden, it wants to commit an excess. Moving on has become increasingly difficult when life remains a captive of incompetepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8617085690333901876 Pakistani Blog Posts

Pakistan Independence Day 2015 Celebration in Silicon Valley

From the Blog riazhaqPakistani-Americans in Silicon Valley and wider San Francisco Bay Area celebrated Pakistan's 69th Independence Day this year with several events in different cities and communities in the region. I was invited to speak at Pakistan Flag Raising event at Milpitas City Hall. The event was organized by Pakistani-American Cultural Center. It was attended by the city mayor, a city councilwoman and hundreds of Pakistani-Americans, including women and children. In addition to speeches, the event featured Pakistani music, poetry, food and colorful outfits with a lot of green visible everywhere. Audience at Pakistan Independence Day Photo Courtesy of Nasreen Aboobaker The Milpitas event began with the raising of Pakistani and American flags followed by the singing of the two national antpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

سانسوں کی مالا پہ

From the Blog umairmalikموسیقی کا شائق کبھی نہ کبھی ضرور استاد نصرت فتح علی خان کو تنہائی میں سن کر سوچوں کی وادی میں کھو جاتا ہے جہاں بیک گراؤنڈ میں سُر اور تال کے ساتھ ایک مصرع اس طرح محسوس ہوتا ہے جیسے گرم لوہے پہ چوٹ پڑتی رہے اور ساتھ ساتھ اس کو ٹھنڈا کرنے کیلئے پانی میں غوطے لگائے جائیں لیکن پھر وہی چوٹ کا سلسلہ اصل شکل کو گُم نہ ہونے دے بلکہ مزید پُختہ کرتا جائے۔pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Award 3rd day

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: wordpress award] A big thanks to the amazing Saadia Peerzada for nominating me for this challenge. I think it is really exciting! *Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose* *The rules* - Thank the blogger, who nominated you. - Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. Don't forget to acknowledge the source. - Nominate three bloggers to challenge them. I decided to go with my own. I hope you like them. :D My Nominees : 1- Yayo 2. Heartafire 3. Jazzyoutoo pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

"مارو یا مر جاؤ" سے دوچار بھارت نے اسٹورٹ بنی کو طلب کرلیا

From the Blog cricnamaبھارت نے سری لنکا کے خلاف پہلے ٹیسٹ میں مایوس کن شکست کے بعد اب دوسرے معرکے کے لیے تیاری شروع کردی ہے۔ سیریز کا دوسرا ٹیسٹ 20 اگست سے کولمبو میں کھیلا جائے گا جس کے لیے بھارت نے آل راؤنڈر اسٹورٹ بنی کو طلب کیا ہے۔ سال 2014ء کے دورۂ انگلستان میں بھارتpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3372712427041531887 Pakistani Blog Posts

Inspiration Wall

From the Blog noorsplaceMy inspiration wall has finally been finished. It was my first ever real-life Pinterest project that actually ended up looking fabulous. Inspiration walls are basically your visual motivators. I needed one, desperately. With a hint of ink, brush lettering, photos and Gossip Girl, my little creative corner was done. From left row: 1. Work Hard Poster 2. My nicknames. All the ones I like, embarrassing ones are not included *coughs* 3. Beloved, Inspired & Determind quote 4. Life Mantra (What would Blair Waldorf do?) 5. A Blair Waldorf quote ("*I'm not a stop along the way. I am the destination.*") 6. Sunset photo I took a while ago 7. Poem "You" 8. Quote in Chuck Bass style ("*I'm Noor Unnahar. Your argument is invalid.*") 9. Hope, Dream & Wanderlupakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 5826255846566531009 Pakistani Blog Posts

Challenge Award 2

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: saadia award] A big thanks to the amazing Saadia Peerzada for nominating me for this challenge. I think it is really exciting! Kind words and the covering of faults are better than charity followed by injury. Allah is free of all wants, and He is Most-Forbearing. Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah ayah #263 *The rules* - Thank the blogger, who nominated you. - Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. Don't forget to acknowledge the source. - Nominate three bloggers to challenge them. I decided to go with my own. I hope you like them. :D My Nominees : 1- Nico 2. Genie 3. Rpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

"گھر کے شیر، باہر ڈھیر"، بھارت عملی مثال

From the Blog cricnamaطویل طرز کی کرکٹ میں بھارت کی کارکردگی پر جب "گھر کے شیر" کی چھاپ لگائی جاتی ہے تو ہندوستانی حلقوں میں اسے سنجیدہ نہیں لیا جاتا۔ بلاشبہ بھارت گزشتہ پانچ سال میں ایک روزہ اور ٹی ٹوئنٹی طرز کی بہترین ٹیموں میں شمار رہا ہے بلکہ اس دوران ایک مرتبہ عالمی کپ اور چیمپئنزpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 534662546934437988 Pakistani Blog Posts

PML-N new political paradox after MQM resignation

From the Blog hallopakistan*As I already predicted that both MQM and Government will no leave the parliament and middle ground will be reached: latest developments under Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman seems working and very soon MQM will take back its resignation. How this whole saga effect Pakistani politics is real question* *For MQM it seems only option as they can't afford to remain outside the parliament.* *They play resignation card to put pressure on Rangers and Military to calm down operation going against their hardcore workers. This operation first time paralyze MQM organizational capacity as party fail to give a single strike call in fear that it may not work. They want to buy time so that re-organize themselves in Karachi or pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8107056763518655576 Pakistani Blog Posts

ہم تو مر جائیں گے اے ارض وطن پھر بھی تجھے – محسن نقوی

From the Blog umairmalikآؤ لکھیں کہ ہمیں اپنی اَماں میں رکھنا احتسابِ عملِ دیدہء تر ہونے تک ہم تو مر جائیں گے اے ارضِ وطن پھر بھی تجھے زندہ رہنا ہے قیامت کی سحر ہونے تکpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Quotes challenge award

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: saadia award] "I will be waiting here…. For your silence to break, For your soul to shake, For your love to wake!" ― Rumi, A big thanks to the amazing Saadia Peerzada for nominating me for this challenge. I think it is really thrilling! *The rules* - Thank the blogger, who nominated you. - Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. Don't forget to acknowledge the source. - Nominate three bloggers to challenge them. I decided to go with my own. I hope you like them. :D My Nominees : 1- Chess 2. Kasih 3. Sawa Minori pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 576906223923534279 Pakistani Blog Posts

Saif Ali Khan: There is no leverage just because your surname is "KHAN"

From the Blog hallopakistan*Saif Ali Khan in his recent interview told that he knew that his new movie "Phantom" would be banned in Pakistan before he worked in it as according to him Pakistanis or Government of Pakistan are not ready to accept that they provide haven to terrorists.* *He also knew that his previous movie Agent Vinod would also be banned but he still worked in it. He first time admitted that even the director Kabir Khan who now portrayed as great ambassador of Indo-Pak peace after Bajrangi Bhaijan also knew that this movie banned as his previous two movies* *Ek Tha Tiger and Kabul express were also banned because of anti Pakistan material.* *But to win sympathies of Pakistanis he also not to forget to tell them his Muslim and family connections in Pakistan. Current chief of Pakistan Cricketpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8980418054833951616 Pakistani Blog Posts

The unending silence is death to me!

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: silence] *The unending silence is death to me,* *I don't wish to comment now,* *Not to say anything is silence; and death too,* *So when there is silence there is also death,* *To communicate is life!* *But I don't want to talk,* *I want to listen,* *To hear lies from you is better than to deceive you,* *I want to hear, and hear the truth,* *That is free from deceit,* *May it have the sweetness of truth or,* *Melancholy or the sour reality,* *A voice of you being human,* *I want to hear,* *Before all my insights, beliefs, and perceptions,* *Smash against the silence,* *Of falsehood,* *I want to hear,* *A harmony* *Urdu composition by Saleem Aazar* *Translated by Tanveer Rauf* pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

[آج کا دن] کرکٹ کا 'یوسین بولٹ'

From the Blog cricnamaکھیلوں کی دنیا میں یوسین بولٹ کو ایک اعلیٰ مقام حاصل ہے۔ جمیکا سے تعلق رکھنے والے اس کھلاڑی کو برق رفتاری کی وجہ سے ایک عالم جانتا ہے۔ 100 اور 200 میٹر کی دوڑوں میں عالمی ریکارڈ بنانے والے یوسین 'تاریخ کے تیز ترین انسان' ہیں۔لیکن اگر ہم رخ کریں کرکٹ کا تو ہمیںpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8498397826932814860 Pakistani Blog Posts

Karachi Hypothesis after MQM's Resignation Saga

From the Blog hallopakistan*There were two election boycotts which changed the Pakistan's political scene forever. First election boycott was by Pakistan People Party in 1985 when former General Zia Ul Haq after 8 years of marital law announced the general elections. However, to curtail PPP he announced non-party elections.* *In 1985, PPP under young and dynamic Benazir Bhutto was clear winner as her father went to gallows but not surrender.* *General Zia Ul Haq's popularity was at rock bottom and there was no party in Pakistan whose candidates can challenge PPP's candidates who were well introduced and bravely faced state oppression during Movement for the restoration of democracy (MRD) campaign. Every indicator was showing that even as non-party candidate they would win election and while sitting in natpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 5019275749875411102 Pakistani Blog Posts

India-Pakistan Independence: Midnight's Furies of 1947

From the Blog riazhaqIndia's Congress Party leaders expected Pakistan to fold soon after partition, says Nisid Hajari, the author of recently published "Midnight's Furies: The Deadly Legacy of Indian Partition". "The indian leaders hoped Pakistan wouldn't survive at first. They hoped in a few years it would decide it wanted to be a part of india again in a friendly way", Hajari told TV talk show host Charlie Rose in a PBS interview. India's actions since 1947, such as the 1971 invasion of East Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh, have shown their inability to peacefully reconcile with the existence of Pakistan as an independent state. This has contributed to Pakistan becoming a nuclear-armed national security state, and ensuing India-Pakistan proxy wars in the region. Muslim Refugees trying to fleepakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Dear friends

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: FLOWERS] Hi dear friends i'm sick so might not write anything but i need your prayers, love flowers so when i open my page i see lots of them thank you wish you all health, long healthy, wealthy glowing blessed life with your loved one— amen Tanveer pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

قومی ٹی ٹوئنٹی کپ کا انعقاد کب ہوگا؟ فیصلہ جلد متوقع!

From the Blog cricnamaکامیاب دورۂ سری لنکا کے بعد اس وقت قومی کرکٹ ٹیم کے کھلاڑی آرام کر رہے ہیں اور اپنا فارغ وقت گھر والوں کے ساتھ گزار رہے ہیں جس کے بعد ستمبر سے ایک مصروف سیزن کا آغاز ہونے جا رہا ہے جو اگلے سال مارچ تک جاری رہے گا۔ پے در پے مقابلوں کو (مکمل مضمون پڑھنے کے کرک نامہ ڈاٹ کام پر تشریف لائیں)pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 4667430611845901443 Pakistani Blog Posts

Independence Day Style Then and Now

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies Some of my fondest childhood memories consist of decorating the house with buntings, playing 'Aey Jawaan' repeatedly on the tape recorder, getting festive badges of Pakistani flag from my uncle and most importantly dressing in green and white for celebration of Independence Day at school. Now while I still do love the idea of a plain white shalwar kameez with a green dupatta, it is pleasing to see a good variety of Independence Day clothing collections to transition in as an adult. Yasmin Zaman, a Pakistani fashion designer, has come up with one such mini range of 4 green and white kurtas, called Azaadi Collection, this year to celebrate the 14th August in style. Yasmin has kept the colour palette pretty traditional, concentrating more on the cuts and layers of the fabrics uspakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 465491332692157893 Pakistani Blog Posts

Google Names Indian Sundar "FOB" Pichai New CEO

From the Blog riazhaqSilicon Valley tech giant Google has named Indian-born IIT-educated Sundar Pichai to head its search, ads, maps, Play Store, YouTube, and Android businesses as part of a major reorganization announced by the company. Current Google CEOs Larry Page and Sergei Brin have kicked themselves upstairs to lead Alphabet, a new holding company which will include Google as well as affiliated companies like the life-extension project Calico and a drone delivery venture called Wing, according to media reports. *FOBs and ABCDs:* Pichai and other Indian-born individuals in Silicon Valley are often referred to as "FOBs" (Fresh Off the Boat) by American-born Indians. FOBs return the "affection" by calling American-born Indians "ABCDs" (American Born Confused Desis). For those unfamiliar with thpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

''شکست کی وجہ اہل خانہ اور بچے نہیں''

From the Blog cricnamaایشیز سیریز دنیائے کرکٹ کی قدیم ترین رقابت رکھنے والے انگلستان وار آسٹریلیا کے لیے'' مارو یا مرجاؤ'' کا درجہ رکھتی ہے۔ اگر کسی کو اس اہم سیریز میں بدترین شکست کا سامنا کرنا پڑ جائے تو اُس کی ذہنی کیفیت کا بخوبی اندازہ لگایا جا سکتا ہے۔ آخری ایشیز سیریز میں انگلستان کی شکستpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 4268462873606903990 Pakistani Blog Posts

The Week in Review #31: Playing to Win

From the Blog usmansheikh We live in a society where conformity and staying within the lines is the norm. Anyone who ventures outside that circle is deemed a pariah; someone who has lost their way. The world does it’s best to bring you back within the fold. Family and friends will strongly urge you to take the tried and tested path. They will tell you it is for your own benefit. I can’t fault them, they are using their past as an indicator of what lies ahead. However, this is where the fork in the road comes into play. In life we have two options, we either play not lose or we play to win. Many of us do our best to hedge both sides of this coin. Unfortunately this third strategy almost guarantees us the worst outcome. Playing to win doesn’t need us to do wild and crazy things as one would imagine. Everpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6410066626400423000 Pakistani Blog Posts

اسکاٹ لینڈ، آئرلینڈ، ہانگ کانگ، عمان کی ٹیمیں پاکستان آنے کے لیے تیار ہیں: شہریار خان

From the Blog cricnamaپاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ (پی سی بی) کے سربراہ شہریار خان نے اسکاٹ لینڈ، آئرلینڈ، ہانگ کانگ اور عمان کے دورہ پاکستان کی نوید سناتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ آنے والے چند ہفتوں میں ان ممالک کے کرکٹ بورڈز کے ساتھ معاملات کو حتمی شکل دے دی جائے گی۔ پی سی بی چیئرمین نے کہا کہpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3855091495788351196 Pakistani Blog Posts

سانحہ قصور کے مجرم ہم سب ہیں

From the Blog pakteahouse تحریر: عماد ظفر [image: Image via The Nation] Image via The Nation بچے سب کے سانجھے ہوتے ہیں. ایک معصوم سا وجود رکھنے والے پھولوں کی مانند جو اپنے وجود کی خوشبو سے چار سو مسرتیں اور مسکانیں بکھیر دیتے ہیں. انسانی زندگی کا سب سے حسین دور بچپن کا ہوتا ہے اور یہ دور انسان کی شخصیت کی بنیادہیں بھی بناتا ہے.بدقسمتی کہیے یا اخلاقی دیوالیہ پن یا پھر شاید انسانیت کا جنازہ کہ اس معاشرے میں بچے بھی جنسی ہوس اور تشدد سے محفوظ نہیں.ابھی آرمی پبلک سکول کے بچوں کی شہادت کے زخم بھرنے بھی نہیں پائے تھے کہ ملکی تاریخ کا ایک بدترین جنسی ہوس کا سانحہ منظر عام پر آ گیا.قصور کے نزدیک اس سانحے میں تازہ ترین تحقیقات کے مطابق 280 سے زائد بچوں کو جنسی ہوس کا نشانہ بنایا گیا جبکہ تقریبا چار سو کے لگ بھگ جنسی تشدد کی فلمیں بھی برآمد ہوہیں. یہ وڈیوز پچاس پچاس روپے کے عوض اسی معاشرے میں فروخت کی جاتی رہیںpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1478926413976285845 Pakistani Blog Posts

July Favourites '15

From the Blog jasminecatchesbutterflies[image: Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation and MUA Lipstick] Low sleep levels, gloomy rainy days with no hint of sun, and staying outdoors for the most part, caught with work and social activities followed by Eid are all just excuse of my own incompetence of wisely managing time and making the most of what I had at hand. I have fallen way behind my schedule and saying that I am a 'sucker' is an understatement. I do duly apologise for missing in action and I will try the best I can to make up for the loss by blogging as often as possible. Now since I was hardly having any "me-time" the past month, I only have a few products that I have been using on a daily basis to share with you guys. Do watch out for detailed reviews within this month. *1. Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation - Mocha*pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Still Waters

From the Blog dearrumiThe first ad agency I worked for was an affiliate of Saatchi & Saatchi. It was an agency that had won awards around the world for their marketing strategies and effective advertising campaigns; getting an internship there was a big deal. I was excited, ready to show everyone my potential, but I knew that as […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8341597258040207677 Pakistani Blog Posts

Chitral and back in a jiffy

From the Blog odysseuslahoriIt was the week before the end of the month of fasting when PIA told me there were no seats on the Chitral flight until August 19. I said fine, I’ll take one on the following day. They said, sorry. There had been a mistake and there were actually no seats until September 26. Back in September 2010, I needed to fly to Chitral 10 days after eid. I was told I could not until six weeks later. I knew this was a lie: it was the end of summer, there were no tourists headed to Chitral and there was no way planes could be flying full. I requested my friend Khalid Shameem Wynne’s help. I got the in and out seat ‘on the Ministry of Defence quota’ and flew. In the plane I counted eight adults and two children. And I had been told there were no planes! That was the time when the government pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 2953368587571038688 Pakistani Blog Posts


From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: ego] Life was not dust but at last it befell dust How we have been boasting of this dust pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 938973970619335438 Pakistani Blog Posts

Adnan Sami Khan: Thanks God We Get Rid Off One Cheater Before Independece Day

From the Blog hallopakistan *Google Image: Adnan Sami With Third Wife Zoya Faryiabi * *It was during PM Yousaf Reza Gilani government that Adnan Sami with his Afghan wife landed in Islamabad after living many years in India where despite his all out efforts not give a single hit. However, during these years he remain in news for all the wrong reasons including domestic violence and obesity.* *But the amount of coverage he received was unprecedented made many curious as except few hits in music he did nothing exceptional for country's music. Furthermore, he publically lamented against Pakistan where once his father was top bureaucrat. People also critical of Government love for him as in Pakistan he was also accused by his ex-wife and mother of his only son for booze drinking, womanizing and domestic violpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3322648230716483735 Pakistani Blog Posts

Largest Child Abuse Case in Pakistan

From the Blog chowrangi The largest child abuse / child rape case in the history of Pakistan has came into main stream media after villagers from and other villages clashed with Punjab Police, accusing them of not taking action against the child rapists. Abuse victims' families were pressurised "by a local political figure to withdraw allegations" — [...] The post Largest Child Abuse Case in Pakistan appeared first on Chowrangi. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 6450549561086245007 Pakistani Blog Posts

Live life well, and leave a mark!

From the Blog tanveerrauf [image: shaam] *Life is blend of joys and sorrows. We enjoy life merrily with our loved ones but—–our favorite or very close to heart, who promised to live with us till the every end, get lost—depart to the other unseen world. * *Life becomes agonizing! We can't even breathe peacefully without them……..… but after all, oblivion is inevitable and all we are and all we will ever be will be forgotten some day. All that can be done is to live life with passion and enthusiasm. Loss cannot be redone or loved ones cannot return after making the final journey. Your life is your gift and your burden. Live it well, and leave a mark. * pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

انگلینڈ کے کھلاڑیوں کے ستارے بھی عروج پر

From the Blog cricnamaایشز 2015 کے بارے میں اگر یہ کہا جائے کہ اِس نے انگلستان کے وارے نیارے کردیے ہیں تو ہرگز غلط نہیں ہوگا۔ جس طرح اُس نے اس سیریز میں آسٹریلیا کو آوٹ کلاس کیا ہے وہ یقینی طور پر قابل دید ہے۔ لیکن یہ سب اتنی آسانی سے ممکن نہیں ہوا بلکہ کھلاڑیوں کیpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 9169625511951392976 Pakistani Blog Posts

ہم انڈیا سے کھیلنے کے لیے کیوں مرے جا رہے ہیں

From the Blog pakteahouse تحریر: عمیر حسن [image: Image source Internet] Image source Internet حال ہی میں پی سی بی کے سابقہ ٹاپ آفیشل نجم سیٹھی کا بیان سامنے آیا جس میں ان کا کہنا تھا کہ وہ اب بھی انڈو۔پاک کرکٹ سیریز کے لیے پر اُمید ہیں۔یہ بات سمجھ سے بالا تر ہے کہ ہماری کرکٹ کی ٹاپ مینجمنٹ اس بات پر بضد کیوں ہے کہ ہماری کرکٹ کی بھلائی اسی میں ہے کہ ہم بھارت سے کرکٹ کے تعلقات دوبارہ استوار کریں، حالانکہ دوسری جانب (بھارت) سے ہمیں مسلسل لال جھنڈی دیکھنے کو مل رہی ہے کیونکہ وہ یہ سمجھتے ہیں کہ کرکٹ سے زیادہ انہیں اپنی سکیورٹی عزیز ہے۔بات تو ان کی بھی ٹھیک ہے کہ کرکٹ تب ہی ممکن ہے جب ملک میں امن و امان ہو اور ہر کھلاڑی صرف اور صرف اپنے کھیل پر توجہ دے سکے۔ لیکن سوال یہ ہے کہ پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ ہمیشہ بھارت سے کھلینے کو اتنی اہمیت کیوں دیتا ہے جب کہ انہیں پتہ بھی ہے کہ بی سی سی آئی انہیں بہت بار اسی قسم کا ٹpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 8433391287240637082 Pakistani Blog Posts

Why every Pakistani should go to watch movie "SHAH" on Independence day?

From the Blog hallopakistan*Its nothing but shame that a nation of 190 millions people has not won a single medal in last five Olympics. The only medal we won in 1992 in filed hockey was bronze medal and this time we have not qualified even for Olympic competition for field hockey. Do we not have talent or physique to complete in international arena or don't we have passion for sports?* *Pakistan is probably one of few nations which have so much diversified gene pool. As natural heirs of Indus valley civilization we have native Indian pool but this civilization touches Persian and Central Asia therefore we also have* *genes from these areas. Later a lot of Arabs came to India both as traders and invaders and settle over there. Many Africans brought to India as salves or fishermen who settles at coastal pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1406992069655960156 Pakistani Blog Posts

How does Paypal Work?

From the Blog faisalkhanHow Does Paypal Work? A question asked many times is how does a wallet work? Specifically how does Paypal (which is a wallet) work? Here is a brief slide deck that explains the generalized concept behind how Paypal works (or for that matter how any wallet works). [See image gallery at] The PDF version of this presentation can be downloaded from here: How Does Paypal Work The post How does Paypal Work? appeared first on Faisal Khan. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1925819971928713407 Pakistani Blog Posts

زمبابوے ایک اور اپ سیٹ کرنے میں ناکام

From the Blog cricnamaکامیابی کی راہوں پر پر شکست کا سامنا، اور پے در پے ناکامیوں کے بعد فتح کرکٹ کے کھیل کا حصہ ہے۔ جب تک حتمی نتیجہ نہ آئے کرکٹ جیسے کھیل میں کچھ کہنا ممکن نہیں ہوتا ہے کہ جیت کس کا مقدر بنے گی۔ آج زمبابوے کے ساتھ بھی کچھ یہی ہوا۔ ٹاس جیتpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 1986173543706264275 Pakistani Blog Posts

Of a trade in flesh: Victims of human trafficking in Pakistan

From the Blog pakteahouse *Author: Adan Abid* [image: Image via Express Tribune] Image via Express Tribune Within a globaville that prides itself on the ease and efficiency with which international trade is conducted along a global chain of production and supply, there exists a less prosperous side to commerce. In the dark corners of economy human trafficking still thrives as a rampant transborder phenomenon. Even in this day and age, with its lofty claims to protect fundamental human rights, this hideous form of organised crime has managed to challenge our very credibility as a civilization. Beyond the illegal trade in arms and drugs, here at the lowest ebb of humanity individual bodies are sold and bought at statistics that alarm and disgust at once. According to U.N Secretary Ban Ki-moon, addressingpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

The Evolution of Fawad Khan

From the Blog sonyarehman *By Sonya Rehman* In the news recently for walking out of *Battle for Bittora* and then bagging Vogue’s Most Beautiful Male award in Mumbai, the charming, debonair actor, with his self-assured smile that makes many a heart flutter, has come a long way. In 2007, after interviewing him immediately after his debut in the Pakistani film, *Khuda Kay Liye*, Fawad was soft-spoken and reserved. It was September. Sitting at a small coffee shop in Lahore, the actor, dressed in pants and a casual button-down, spoke about his first film, and how he stumbled into acting by chance, minus any expectations. Fast forward a few years later, and Fawad is one of the most sought-after actors in not just Pakistan, but across the border, in India too. This month, I was lucky to get through to him fopakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 2790064538961369307 Pakistani Blog Posts

The Russians and the Saint

From the Blog odysseuslahoriIn the latter years of the 19th century, the British Indian government undertook to delineate the border between their Balochistan possessions and the countries of Afghanistan and Iran. This boundary commission was led by Henry McMahon and with him he had a full complement of ancillary staff like surveyors and draughtsmen etc. The angular lines of the western boundary of Pakistan’s Balochistan that abuts on its Iranian counterpart in the west and on Afghanistan to the north are a result of those four years of hard fieldwork. One among McMahon’s staff was a surveyor by the name of G. P. Tate, my predecessor as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Tate went on to write two books: Siestan that deals with the archaeology and history of the part of Balochistan that is shared pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Chipursan Local Support Organization demands swift action in the disaster hit valley

From the Blog pamirtimes[image: clso1]Sost: On the night of 3rd August 2015 a heavy rainfall caused severe floods in different villages of the Chipursan Valley, situated close to the Afghan border, in the extreme north of the country. The floods caused destruction of valuable livelihood and damaged properties of local farmers, as well roads and bridges. The Chipursan river […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Money Transfer using Calling Card Value

From the Blog faisalkhanCalling Card Money Transfer Model Here is a presentation that describes (roughly) the model of how a calling card distribution company would work with a licensed money transfer company to get into the remittance business. The goal is to leverage the distribution network and the Dollar value on the calling card to enable MSBs to extend their outreach, without having to go the *Authorized Delegate (or Agent)* route. [See image gallery at] The PDF version of this presentation can be downloaded from here: Flow of Funds on Calling Card Value The post Money Transfer using Calling Card Value appeared first on Faisal Khan. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 3790223281919214412 Pakistani Blog Posts

Smartphone Sales and Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Soar in Pakistan

From the Blog riazhaqOver 1.5 million smartphones and an equal number of 3G subscriptions are being purchased every month in Pakistan, according to data released recently. The number of broadband subscriptions has more than quadrupled from under 4 million in 2013-14 to nearly 17 million in 2014-15 as a result of 3G and 4G rollout in the country last year, according to data released by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Broadband Subscription Data. Source: PTA *3G/4G Expansion:* 3G/4G subscriptions in Pakistan soared to 13.49 million, up from 9.83 million in May, according to data from Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). Telenor led the 3G/4G market with over 4.16 million subscribers, followed by Mobilink (3.65 million 3G subscribers), CMPak (3 million 3G/4G subscribers, and Ufone (2.57pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

You Have One New Notification

From the Blog zainabkhawajaThey say you shouldn't use the word hate, because it's very strong. It makes you look nasty, and mean-spirited. Well guess what? Sometimes, I hate this interconnected online world. I hate the way my Gmail is linked to my Facebook and my cell contacts are synced with everyone I know on Twitter, and Pinterest and […]pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

بڑے بول کا انجام بُرا

From the Blog cricnamaشاید یہ ٹھیک ہی کہا جاتا ہے کہ ''بڑا بول'' کبھی نہیں بولنا چاہیے کیونکہ اِس بڑے بول سے فائدہ کم اور نقصان زیادہ ہوتا ہے۔ اور اگر اِس بات پر یقین نہیں آرہا تو چوتھے ایشز ٹیسٹ کی پہلی اننگ میں آسٹریلیا کا حال دیکھ لیجیے جو محض 18.3 اوورز میں محض 60 رنزpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

The eat-------poop journey

From the Blog beanbagtalesI read quite a lot of books (read: nine) during Ramzan so the 15/15/30 project wasn't such a failure. Except that I could hardly think let alone write on an empty stomach so only 1.5 blog posts actually materialized. My hibernation mode was in overdrive most of this summer and if you've never experienced it, take it from an expert, it is SUPER easy to get used to the eat, sleep, read, poop lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with living such a life except the time when you decide to turn the hibernation mode off and try to add a whole bunch of activities between eat and poop. Since we're all different, even though we are essentially more or less the same, but since we all strive to be unique our eat--------poop journey varies (age, gender, profession, marital status, parents vs. pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7638833002885659174 Pakistani Blog Posts

Empowering South Asian youths through ICT and Media

From the Blog pakteahouse *By Rafiqul Alam Khan* [image: Photo source Internet] Photo source Internet Region’s influential policy-based youth organization, South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) for the first time ever hosted a shadow SAARC conference titled, ‘Model SAARC Summit 2015 in Dhaka. U.S. Embassy Dhaka sponsored the summit with collaboration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The summit was segmented in couple of sessions in a period of three days, happening in capital’s Edward M Kennedy Center (EMK) and Brac Inn Center successively. Particularly the second day commenced with an informal session where the delegates had the chances to interact each other, while debating, dialoguing and then accepting each other’s point of views. Thus SAARC young policy makers andpakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments

Puzzle: Circle revolving around another circle

From the Blog mtrtmk Interesting question. This SAT Math Question Got No Correct Submissions. Can You Solve It? Sunday Puzzle pakistanblogs.blogspot.comRead Full PostComments 7703171225711121361 Pakistani Blog Posts

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